Rejoicing in the truth of the Resurrection

The disciples had great joy when they saw the risen Lord. It is our desire at Bethel Baptist Church to stir a joy in the truth that Jesus, after giving His life as a sacrifice for our sins, was raised from the dead, and is now seated in victory at the right hand of God!

Each Sunday night this month we will be focusing on this amazing truth of Jesus’ resurrection. We pray that God will use these services to help us live every day in the triumphant joy that our Lord is alive!

If you would like to be encouraged to live in the joy and power of Jesus’ resurrection, we would love for you to join us. This is a new multicultural, english-speaking ministry that aims to give glory to Christ by making Him known and calling people from different cultures to unite under the banner of “Jesus Christ is our Lord”.

If you live in the Brisbane area, and would like to be part of this, please feel free to join us for worship this Sunday night 11 April at 6pm.