Reading the Bible with faith

The Bible teaches us that all of Scripture is God-breathed, that is, the Scriptures are inspired by God (2 Tim. 3:16). The words of the Bible therefore are not like words you find published in any other book – where words become dated and loose relevance. The words of the Bible are words with power and authority, they are words that have life, words that touch our hearts and awaken us to experience the riches of God’s grace – and this, for all generations who open their hearts to hear God.

The words of the Bible are not just records of conversations that took place in history. If you read a history book today, you can read about conversations that took place between certain people, but you understand that was their conversation, you weren’t included in it. You read as an observer, and are excluded from the conversation. That limitation however, does not exist when we read the Bible. For example, when we read about God speaking to Abraham, we are not just observing what God said to Abraham. We are hearing God speaking to us, and calling us to a life of faith. Or when we read of Jesus rebuking His disciples for a lack of faith, through those same words, He rebukes us for our lack of faith.

So let’s not be mere observers when we read the Bible. May we have ears to hear that God is speaking to us. May we always seek to have open hearts to understand what God is speaking to us, so that through the power of His word we can be renewed and strengthened daily.

There is no other book like the Bible, where by reading it with faith, we become a participant in the conversation, and a participant in the blessing!